Beetlejuice Character Intarsia

This is a fairly complicated intarsia design that is not for beginners. I have done this one three times now total and it's the biggest pain every time. If you ever downloaded the old version off of this one is updated to fit in a smaller space since I went from wearing an XL sweater to wearing a Small, so this one is easier to make work with more garments.

The pictured design is here. I also have the full body version (which I have never made) here. Like all my designs it is pre-reversed as it is needed on a Bond, and slightly stretched vertically as knitting tends to squash images.

Beetlejuice's Jacket Intarsia

So this one I made just the once, in a medium of that particular sweater pattern, and that's what this pattern is shaped for. But you could fill it out/crop it as needed to work with another pattern/size, if you're so inclined. I just wanted to go ahead and share it. Here is the front, the back, and a template for the sleeves.

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