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Sparky's Stitches is my small home-based business, mostly centered around machine embroidery, although I do dabble in other crafts. If you are interested in having an embroidery design created and stitched for you/your friends/your fans on a small scale, this is the place. No minimum order required. My fee is usually no more than $20 per design. Patches run from $5 to $10 unless they are very large (iron-on backing no extra charge), t-shirts and tote bags, $15 to $25 depending on how long the design takes to stitch out. I can also do aprons, hoodies, name it.

I operate on a sixteen needle machine with a maximum design size of 14" by 14", and a ten needle machine with a maximum design size of 14" by 8". I currently digitise with the Embird software. I can either custom digitise your own artwork or logos, or you can request a commercially-available design. See the Links page for sites I recommend for searching designs. If you're not sure what you want just email me and let me know and I'll see what I can find. I can edit designs to an extent, such as removing text and backgrounds (if possible). I can also add custom text in most fonts.

Note that I have stopped selling copyrighted properties. I do still sell SCP and MST3K designs because they allow it. If anything stated on my site contradicts this it is because I haven't updated that info, I'm sorry. I do not sell copyrighted characters or logos anymore.

I've been primarily selling through my Etsy shop but you can just contact me directly as well.

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